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This app is no longer available on App Store. Therefore we will find new app that has similar function like SnapTube for iPhone. Once we have it, we will let you know. However, please keep a regular visit on this website.


Download SnapTube for iOS has been one of the popular topic that appears on Google search. The cause is millions of users have been using SnapTube for the main entertainment application to stream video and even to download video.

In this website, we will give you explanation about how to download SnapTube for iOS, iPhone and iPad.


Download SnapTube for iPhone Alternative

This news that you are going to read might disappoint you. Unfortunately until now, SnapTube for iPhone is not available yet. We will give you the update very soon once SnapTube for iPhone is available.

But, if you cannot wait for SnapTube for iPhone any longer, there is an iPhone app that you can use to replace SnapTube app.

Try also: SnapTube Online for PC Windows and Mac OSX


download snaptube for iPhone

Please introduce Video MediaBox Lite App. This free application is similar to Snaptube App, a video downloader app. This app can help you to download video right from your iPhone.

Video MediaBox Lite App may not as cool as SnapTube in term of features, but it does do its basic job, download YouTube video, for free. Video MediaBox Lite App will then allow you to save video that you have downloaded from iPhone instantly. Then, you can watch the video offline.

How to Install SnapTube for iPhone Alternative

As you know that SnapTube for iPhone is not available, so we will show you how to install Video MediaBox Lite App as SnapTube for iPhone alternative.

Video MediaBox Lite App

Video MediaBox Lite Application Information

  • Name: Video MediaBox Lite
  • Size: 9.6MB
  • Version: 3.2
  • Developer: Emi Suzuki
  • System requirements: iOS 5.1.1 or later
  • Category: Entertainment

1. Video MediaBox Lite App is available on App Store. You can go to App Store, then search Video MediaBox Lite and download it for free.

2. Then, install Video MediaBox Lite App by tapping on ‘Get’ button and then ‘Install’ button. The download process will start immediately.

SnapTube for iPhone iOS iPad

3. Go to the home screen. If the VMedia Lte icon appears on the home screen, it means the Video MediaBox Lite Application is ready to use.

Snaptube for iOS iPad iPhone

That’s the Snaptube for iPhone alternative that you can use to download video from YouTube or other video sites. We hope it helps you.

Video MediaBox Lite is the video downloader for iPhone that you can use for now. We will give you an update if SnapTube for iPhone is available in the future.

Download SnapTube for iPad

Basically SnapTube for iPad is not available just now. But there is an app called Video MediaBox Lite Application that you can use to replace SnapTube for iPad. It works like SnapTube app, as a video downloader for iPad.

Video MediaBox Lite Video App is available for iPad on App Store. You can download it for free. This amazing application let’s you download video from YouTube for free. Download as many as video you like from Video MediaBox Lite and save it instantly on your iPad. Go to App Store now and download Video MediaBox Lite App for free.

snaptube for iPad iOS iPhone

Keep visiting this page as we will update if SnapTube for iPad is available in the future.

Download SnapTube for iOS

Unfortunately SnapTube for iOS devices isn’t available at the moment. Even so, you can download SnapTube for iOS alternative like Video MediaBox Lite.

Video MediaBox Lite is a free video downloader that works on iOS devices flawlessly. It may not have features as great as SnapTube, but at least it does its job wonderfully. You can go directly to App Store. Search for Video MediaBox Lite application and try it yourself.

download snaptube for ios


Once SnapTube for iOS devices is ready to download, we will write the update on this page. Stay tune!

You need to install SnapTube for PC? Please visit the SnapTube for PC Windows page.

Or you want to install SnapTube on Mac? Go to SnapTube for Mac OSX page for the complete tutorial.

That’s all folk about SnapTube for iOS, iPhone and iPad. Please share to others. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to throw your words on the comment box below.

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